The program and the web page are currently under reconstruction. A great deal of work has resulted in a new version which reflects growing adoption around the world of global risk assessment as the prime indicator for intervention in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The program also reflects the ongoing work of the Australian National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance.

A beta version of the program may be downloaded, but some of the features are not yet activated and there could be inaccuracies in the program. The guidelines recommended are adopted in many places around the world but are not fully adopted by Australian authorities at the moment.

Please fill in the details in the download page. You may then download the software and a serial number will be emailed to you to enable the program. Your email address and other details will not be passed on to any other agents.

The program is currently free but remains copyright and may not be passed onto other individuals. Please direct people to this page if they want to use the program.